"Simplified Learning has mantras to structure and deliver high-quality education and training."

Simplified Learning follows the traditional project life cycle followed in most eLearning companies. This cycle enables rapid eLearning development.

Our production process is divided into 3 phases - Prototype, Development and Submission.

Custom eLearning Development

Prototype Phase: We give utmost importance to client interaction to understand their requirements, develop prototype to showcase the product to client apprising them the progress of our understanding and getting clarifications to meet their requirements for perfection.

Development Phase: The entire product will be scaled up at this stage as we get a clear understanding from the prototype stage and are in sync with our client’s requirements.

Submission Phase: This stage dedicated for reviews, suggestions and modifications. We take up suggestions even at the last moment to ensure that our client gets the best. All the source files will be submitted on approval of the project.