"Translate and localize your courses into multiple languages at affordable cost!"

Translation and Localization

We at Simplified Learning Solutions have robust process for translating eLearning courses into multiple languages which is the key for effective translation and localization.

We translate your eLearning course from English to 30 international languages across Europe, Asia including Middle East and Latin America with our 8+ years of experience in the localization of content by adhering to design principles such as using universal images, quality process and culture neutrality.

We follow a unique process while translating the eLearning courses to minimize errors in synchronizing the translated audio narration files with the animations of translated content on the screen.

The major milestones in our process of translating the content are:

  • Extracting the content from the English master source file
  • Arranging it in the appropriate format to minimize errors
  • Getting it translated by our translators having a decade of experience
  • Arranging the translated content and audio in the master source

We take the utmost care while synchronizing the animations with translated audio to make error free translated course by offering the best cost-quality proposition!

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